“Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Copula Models” presented at MLSP’17

Our paper “Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Copula Models”[1] was presented this week at the IEEE Int’l Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing in Tokyo, Japan.

It was an exciting meeting; unlike the now mega-conferences of CVPR and NIPS kind, MLSP is still refreshingly small.  There were several outstanding tutorials and keynotes by Kenji Fukumizu, Shun-ichi Amari, and Yee Whye Teh, with limited emphasis on “deep.”  Well organized!

Then, there was Tokyo itself.  Always a pleasure to visit.


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Chapter on “Machine Learning Methods for Social Signal Procesing” in Social Signal Processing book

Social Signal Processing book by Cambridge University Press was finally published this July.   Read our chapter on “Machine Learning Methods for Social Signal Processing”[1] on p. 234 of this collection of outstanding articles.


[1] O. Rudovic, M. Nicolaou, and V. Pavlovic, “Social Signal Processing,” , A. Vinciarelli, J. Burgoon, N. Magnenat-Thalmann, and M. Pantic, Eds., Cambridge University Press, 2017.
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Welcome to new lab members

This fall we are welcoming two new students to our group:  Mihee Lee and Yuting Wang.   Mihee joins us from R&D at Samsung, where she worked after completing her BS in Math Ewha Woman’s University, Korea.  Yuting completed her MS at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany and was also a visiting student at CMU.

Please join me in welcoming Mihee and  Yuting to Rutgers and Seqam Lab.