ICCV 2017 – Wrap Up

Last week was the time for ICCV 2017 in Venice, Italy.  Setting aside my personal indifference to Venice (overcrowded and overpriced, uninspiring food),  ICCV was an interesting meeting.  It took place on Lido, at the same venue as the Venice Film Festival.  It was certainly a more appealing location to me personally, but a bit of a way from San Marco and the tourist Venice.

The conference itself was, well, a mixed bag.  Plenty of deep block shuffling works.  About 3000 attendees is the number I heard.

We presented our work “PUnDA: Probabilistic Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Knowledge Transfer Across Visual Categories” [1]. It shows that it is not always necessary to have end-to-end learning if the transfer model is properly constructed.   As the luck has it, I had to reshuffle the schedule so the poster was both on Wednesday and Thursday (thanks to Robert Walecki, who help with the poster.)  You can find a copy of the poster below.

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cs536 – Machine Learning, Spring 2018 – Registration Requests

If you are interested in registering for my Spring 2018 Machine Learning course (01:198:536) and do not have the prerequisites or for some other reason need a Special Permission (SPN) or Prerequisite Override, you will need to fill out a request here:

cs535 Spring 2018 SPN & Prereq Request Form

Note that you will need a Google account in order to sing in and see the form.

Please do not email me with individual requests.  I will be issuing SPNs and Prerequisite Overrides no earlier than 2 weeks before the start of the Spring 2018 semester.