“These Pizzas Do Not Exist”

Ph.D. student Fangda Han’s research linking AI, computer vision, and nutrition was recently featured in a news article by Vice

“These Pizzas Do Not Exist”  highlights the unique computational approach Fangda created to synthesize photo-realistic images of pizzas from the textual description of its ingredients.   MPG, the Multi-ingredient Pizza Generator combines state-of-the-art deep neural network models, StyleGANs, with conditional deep encoders to precisely control the content and appearance of synthetic pizza images.

This advanced research will make it possible to forge new links between AI and nutrition.  The technology described in Fangda’s work will help create educational games, assisting children and adults alike in learning about food, meal preparation, and the food’s impact on health and wellness.

Fangda’s research work is described in a recent Arxiv report, but is also available for everyone to enjoy through the technical demo on http://foodai.cs.rutgers.edu

Congratulations to Fangda and his collaborators!

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