cs535 – Final Projects

This is a list of some of the final projects that students have completed in CS535 Machine Learning I (Pattern Recognition) course.

Fall 2014

Project Title
Passive TV Detection using Mobile Phones
Distributed Probabilistic Learning for Camera Network: A Bayesian Framework
Digit Recognizer
Forest Cover Type Prediction
AdaBoosting N-Gram Weak Hypotheses for Sentiment Analysis on Movie Reviews
Bike Sharing Demand: Forecast use of a city bikeshare system
Identify Characters from Google Street View Pictures
Distributed approximate kernel principal components analysis
Distributed Compression, PCA and Information Theory
Kaggle: Modeling a Real-Life Random Forest
Distributed Probabilistic Learning with Adaptive Network Topology
Noisy Input Gaussian Process with Ordering Constraints
Facial Keypoints Detection

Fall 2016

Project Title
Multimodal LSTM-RBM Music Composer
A Survey of Some Popular Subspace Clustering Methods and Their Applications on Computer Vision Tasks
Diversity Driven Review Ranking
Multimodal RGB-D Image Prediction Using Deep Autoencoder and Deep Belief Network
Joint Image-Text Clustering using Deep Neural Networks
Dynamic Topic Modelling using LDA
Learning a Joint Model of Images and Tags
Sparse Subspace Clustering: Basis Pursuit Versus Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
Intelligent Deception Detection System Based on Multimodal Deep Learning
Adapted Online VEM algorithm on general structure in massive networks
A Probabilistic Topic Models Based Music Recommendation System
Dynamic Topic Modeling : Election competition analysis using Twitter
Dynamic Topic Modeling for Spatio-Temporal Monitoring Using Online Text and Image Data
Motion Segmentation Via Subspace Clustering
Multimodal Deep Learning for Gesture and Audio Data
Massive Documents Analysis Platform by LDA
Based on Distributed Computing Framework and Web Spyder
Applying Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) and Hierarchical Latent Dirichlet Allocation (hLDA) for Probabilistic Topic Modeling
An Alternative Approach to Mitigate the Curse of Dimensionality
LDA and PLSA Implementation on Web Documents Topics Defined
Dynamic Topic Modeling for Monitoring Yelp Business Competition from Reviews